ZenoPX is a software product with wich you can design, build, test, document and deploy information systems.

Zeno Arnhem, the inventors, have used this product to build modules for: finance, logistics, workflow, customer relations management, content management and lots of others. Modules for small and medium businesses, foun­da­tions, departments of govern­ment and multi-national companies.

On Unix/Linux platforms it can be compiled and linked using the standard GNU tools (like make). Development is done on MacOSX using Xcode and TextWrangler.

About the name Share

ZenoPX is the successor of Zeno200 and Zeno300. Zeno refers to Zeno of Elea. A 5th century BC Greek philosopher, famed for his paradoxes.


PX stands for Project-X. A generic project with which any information system can be setup. PX as a symbol stands for 'Logos'. The Greek word for language or meaning.